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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Grand Depart and the Grand De-Party! at Masham.

Last weekend was spent at Masham in Yorkshire. We parked the campervan for a couple of nights at The Old Station Campsite. This was on the route of the Tour de France and allowed us to get really close.  After a wander round town on the Saturday morning, to view the artwork and sculptures...
 ....we settled at the side of the A6108.
We set up the table and a couple of chairs, newspapers, quiche and salad and wine, just across the road, from the gate to the campsite......and waited. Eventually they all arrived at once.
They were only an arms length away. They seemed to pass in a blur, it was all so fast.
It was VERY exciting and a giant cheer must have followed them along their miles of this stage of the ride.
We all cheered till the last ones went by. It wasn't long!
On our return home, My sister and BIL had been to stay and we wrapped up some paintings for them to take back to the Mudeford Arts Festival.
I've bought some frames from Ezeframe on the internet. They are black floater frames...meant for canvases to drop into. The pics on the sides here are in their frames and the large one in the middle and the two others are waiting for their frames.
This is the latest and is from a lesson in a painting magazine. Very effective and it will be framed the same way.
Life is lovely and busy at the moment. Lots of visitors. More tomorrow including the new great-grand-daughter. Visited the pick-your-own farm today and six jars of jam have been made and "tons" of frozen peas and broad beans are in the freezer.
Cheers for now