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Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sunny Days in Weardale

There is still quite a bit of patchy snow in Weardale, particularly in the shadier and unused spots, like the churchyard.
The churchyard is also now home to the fossil tree trunk although it was orginally found in one of the quarries a bit further north, near Edmundbyers.

We walked through the town and down to the Wear river and followed the path alongside it, past the footbridge and up to the stepping stones.
The ford to the left of the stones is now generally closed. It was on satnavs and more than one truck has been overcome by the current after faithfully following the instructions. A couple and their dog nipped nimbly across the stones but DJ and I decided that we didn't need to cross to the other side today!
Then we took the van back down through Frosterley into Bollihope and parked up for a coffee and apple pie and a read of the Sunday papers. Hope you are all having lovely sunny Sundays.

Cheers to all