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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jackdaws Again!

The fireplace in the bedroom has the chimney blocked by an old pillow so that bits of stuff don't fall down it onto the carpet during bad weather.
This has worked well but just recently it hung down a bit lopsided so DJ gave it a nudge to straighten it out.
Some stuff fell out.
A sheet of newspaper was strategically placed to catch the bits. We expected a few bits of soot and gravel but OH NO! The jackdaws had been very busy trying to shore up the drop from the top by shoving this lot down it. Large branches, pieces of glass and plastic and lots of twigs fell through. There is probably more up there that can't be reached.
And what are the other six chimneys like?
There is a serious problem with leakage around the chimneys and a major job starts soon on rebuilding them. They will then be leak proof and jackdaw proof.

Well this is the new blogger interface so I shall get on with learning more about it and may celebrate with a new template later in the day.
Cheers Gillian

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hartlepool on a Sunny Day

On Sunday it was sunny but there was a very chill wind, so these photos look like a summer's day but the temperature was about 6 or 7 degrees C. This is the Trincomalee, dry-docked at Hartlepool Historic Quay. It's a grand day out.

For a few quid you get entry to the quayside and there are amazing reconstructions of the old shops and businesses that would have existed. At one spot you can stand on a large circular photo and get a feeling of what it would have been like to be up in the crow's nest. Well not really, but you get a good idea of what the view would have been like.

The shops are filled with wonderfully life-like portrayals of the early seafaring days. The models are so real that I had to wait a few times to see whether they were going to move. The expressions on their faces are so true to the captions and there are some real characters roaming around in costume who like to come up behind you and speak loudly!!!

The ladies, of course, enjoyed a day of soft household delights such as sorting the linen and the children played with toy boats.
I suppose the man of the house was in some discomfort with his gout but his man-servant made sure he was well looked after.

The Trincomalee, built in Bombay and restored locally is available for a crawl around. You must have had to have been very short to be a seaman comfortably in those days. There was not a beam high enough for me to walk under and the doorways were only just above waist height.

Someone has gone to the trouble of filling all the nooks and crannies with surprisingly well modelled glimpses of the times when the ship was at sea. Even the meals on the mess tables have maggots and weavils in the appropriate rations.

The cannons are the main reason for the existence of these ships and below decks are the stores of armaments as well as food and surgeons quarters.
I was glad to get back on deck again without hitting my head or falling down the steep stairs.

The nearby paddle steamer provided a cafe for hot soup and a sandwich and was a welcome relief. After that we "did" the museum and played with all the electricity challenges they have set up for visiting school children and read all the historical anecdotes and avoided buying all the tantalising tat they have in the shop and came home. The sun had disappeared and we lit a log fire in the snug.

Cheers Gillian

Thursday, 12 April 2012


We have been over to Cheshire to pick a new baby. We are happy with WijldeStoirm and have reserved a lovely baby. Once again...Bye bye Tiggy

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Tigger died this morning just before noon.
On Thursday she called out for help about six in the morning and I found her unable to walk. Her rear end wouldn't work. We got into the vet first thing and he diagnosed a saddle thrombosis caused by a clot from her bad heart. He gave her a steroid injection and we took her home, but she got a lot worse so we ended up at the vet hospital in Barnard Castle. She then got a further clot on her lung and although they stabilised her and sedated her, there was no real improvement for the next two days. Her back legs were not working and her breathing was painful and laboured. So we decided that she wasn't to suffer any more.
She had a short, eventful and very spoiled existence. She was greatly loved and admired.
Bye Bye Tiggy