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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Jackdaws Again!

The fireplace in the bedroom has the chimney blocked by an old pillow so that bits of stuff don't fall down it onto the carpet during bad weather.
This has worked well but just recently it hung down a bit lopsided so DJ gave it a nudge to straighten it out.
Some stuff fell out.
A sheet of newspaper was strategically placed to catch the bits. We expected a few bits of soot and gravel but OH NO! The jackdaws had been very busy trying to shore up the drop from the top by shoving this lot down it. Large branches, pieces of glass and plastic and lots of twigs fell through. There is probably more up there that can't be reached.
And what are the other six chimneys like?
There is a serious problem with leakage around the chimneys and a major job starts soon on rebuilding them. They will then be leak proof and jackdaw proof.

Well this is the new blogger interface so I shall get on with learning more about it and may celebrate with a new template later in the day.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

One of those wire tops to the pots might be the answer. Nightmare! I only have one mouse (I hope) who refuses to be caught in a humane trap. S/he's much too cunning.

Gillian said...

I have witches hats on top of all ten chimney pots (some are next doors but I don't know which) and one persistent jackdaw has pushed the wires apart and settled inside like living in a tent, and built a nest. She's on it now, all puffed out and broody looking!
Cheers Gillian

keewee said...

That is a nasty mess to have to deal with.

Lyn said...

We use to often have baby jackdaws fall down the chimney, they are so funny!