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Wednesday, 2 May 2012


 After the recent heavy rains we headed up the dales to see how the river was. Whilst still in the Gaunless valley, we spotted the first foals of the season. Each one matched its dam. As we approached they rapidly moved away and herded the babies in amongst themselves for safety.
 The River Wear was in full flood, moving quite large tree trunks as it went. A tragic accident happened a couple of days later and a young lad fell in to the river and was swept away.He is still lost.

The waterfall at High Force lived up to its name. We continued up Teesdale and over the top of the Penines to Alston for a "Full English" breakfast and then onto the railway station.

The station is home to the South Tynedale Railway. There are quite a few of these old railways in the north. They seem to be run by retired men who enjoy playing with real trains. We have happily caught their enthusiasm and shall return in a couple of weeks to ride the trains up and down the valley and join in the festivities of a Hog Roast and a Real Ale tasting. 
Cheers Gillian

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Suzanne Warren said...

Wow you have had a lot of rain. We havent had too much so far down here, although it would be nice to get some more and make everything green again. How sad about the boy, I hope they find him. The little foals are adorable and such pretty colors. I am sure my dad would love that railway station as used to build the trains for Melbourne years ago now.