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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

North of the Tyne

The area north of the Tyne has some lovely beaches and pretty towns. We parked in North Shields, near the Metro station so that we could catch the Metro into Tynemouth and go to the Flea market on the station platforms. The old Victorian station now has both platforms re-roofed with enormous spans of glazing and fancy ironwork. A fairly good variety of stalls but less than I remember from a few years ago. Still a grand place to visit at weekends. We then returned to the car and drove around North Shields and the Fish Quay and then up the coast via Tynemouth, Cullercoats and Whitley Bay.

Back to North Shields and a saunter around the Quay. The fish market was closed because of it being a Sunday but it looks interesting enough to return to. This old shop caught my attention.
Fish and chip restaurants were doing a roaring trade and from noon onwards it was very difficult to park. Nevertheless, we joined in and treated ourselves to lunch at Oceans. The fish was large and fresh with light, crisp batter. The chips could have done with a couple more minutes and the meal came with bread and butter and a cuppa as it always does up north. Mushy peas were extra.
My diet starts tomorrow.
We plan to take advantage of this fine spell and take "Van Persie" out touring. More news soon
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

'Van Persie' ???

I wish I could find fish in light batter around here - the usual stuff is like deep fried polystyrene with inner stodge. Have to travel quite a way along the coast to get the good stuff.

carol said...

PS: I'v replied to your comment on my owl blog!

Oh d*@n. More wobbly letters...

Gillian said...

The campervan is nicknamed "Van Persie" after Arsenal player.
Cheers Gillian