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Thursday, 24 May 2012


We have had the campervan for just over a year. We use it mainly as a mobile conservatory for days out. Lovely countryside or seaside and a picnic makes the day.
We have also stayed away in it and been to France, which we intend to do again this year. So....
I decided an awning would help to make it a better habitable space for a few days in the sun.We bought a large outdoor ground sheet, called optimistically in french "un tapis du soleil" which extends the territory and stops the sand getting trampled into the van all the time.
So the next stage was to have a simple awning fitted.
Over the A66 to the Lake District on Tuesday, and set up the mobile conservatory in a field for the day in the village of Pooley Bridge.
A coffee and toasted teacake at the bridge cafe overlooking the same.
A picnic under the awning and a ride on the Ullswater steamer down the lake and back admiring the wildlife and scenery.
Followed by a lovely meal at the Pooley Bridge Hotel.
Then home.
This seems to be a grand way to spend sunny days and the fuel prices have gone down a bit and petrol is now less than £1.30 a litre. Who'd have thought that would be a cheery thought!
Cheers Gillian

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Sue said...

I think that campervan is a marvellous idea Gillian. All those beautiful picturesque places you visit - I am not surprised that you dont sell your pictures as postcards! Lucky you that petrol has dropped - it is still around $1.47 a litre here.