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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Ironbridge and the Industrial Revolution

We have been away for a few days to seek out the source of the Industrial Revolution. My sister found some farm cottages near Ironbridge ( see above) and we set off each day to visit some of the museums that abound.
The manufacture of better quality iron by the Darby's led to advances all over the valley. The valley of the River Severn is a gorge in this area and exposed up the sides of it were layers of limestone, coal, iron ore and clay.
All of these were very useful for an industrial revolution. The clay was used for bricks, pots, fine china (Coalport), and even pipes.
My BIL demonstrates his new pipe.
The coal, iron and limestone were more valuable though.
I am off now to visit the new kitten again. She is due home at the end of the month so I shall tell you more about Ironbridge when I return. I found it all very fascinating.
Cheers Gillian


Lyn said...

Did you visit Blists Hill while in the area?
I loved it there.

Gillian said...

Blists Hill visit coming up next!!
Cheers Gillian

greenthumb said...

Hi just found your lovely blog, looks like a great place to visit.