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Monday, 18 June 2012


A long drive down motorways southwards has brought us to Mudeford in the south-eastern corner of Dorset. We have parked in my sister's yard and will enjoy her fine facilities for a couple of days. It may be the last time we stay here because they have bought a new place down the road and will move into it as soon as everything is ready.
The place down the road has access to the inlet right here and such wonderful views.
We woke again to sun and this time, although clouds came over for a while, they stayed behind us and we walked to the quayside for lunch and on to Avon Beach for coffee and then back to sit in the garden reading.
You don't realise how burning the sun can be when cool breezes blow. DJ has had need of the after-sun cooling spray.
The quayside at Mudeford has evidence of fresh seafood and shellfish being landed, so crab sandwiches were my choice. I would rate them six out of ten. The best I've ever had were at Bamburgh Castle tea rooms (a real ten out of ten) but that was a few years ago.
People were sitting in the sun fishing. Lots were on the quay, crabbing and even the seagulls were ready.
Hoping for more sun tomorrow, but with hats on!
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Wow - what a back yard! Lots of inspiration for artists there. And even more wow - SUN. What's that?
We haven't sold any sunscreen this year.

Lyn said...

it looks like a beautiful place, your sister is very lucky.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Long drive, but worth it. Sunny here today, for once, or maybe twice, but breezy. I have been sat in the Ladyshed stitching little purple votive Venuses [think Willendorf]. Not sure what anyone will make of them.