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Monday, 18 June 2012


We packed up Van Persie and took off in search of some sun. Headed south to Derbyshire through rain most of the way. Popped into Caudwell Mill for a look round in the rain. The ducks were ok.
And the water powered mill was powering away, even though they weren't milling that day.
So much water flowing everywhere.

 We arrived in at a campsite in the rain. Parked in the rain. Ran across to the pub in the rain for a great dinner by the roaring fire! in the middle of June. Woke to rain hammering on the van roof in the night and then......morning came.
The views were gorgeous. The cows in the field over the wall ambled about steaming in the sun, The pub looked picturesque and our spirits rose. Anyone wanting to pitch a tent, caravan or campervan near Buxton can't go wrong with this site.
The Duke of York at Pomeroy offered a great welcome, clean toilets and a site in the carpark with electric hook-up and a view all for ten quid. They lit the fire, served up great food and then turned on the sun the next morning.
BUT this is England and so by the time we had breakfasted and pointed the van towards Buxton, the skies had clouded over and rain was brewing. We chose to visit Poole's Cavern because it would be safe from any rain. It was still a bit wet underfoot and quite cool, but we joined the first tour of the day and learnt so much and saw amazing limestone features. Stalagmites (floor) and stalactites(ceiling) and glorious caverns of features. Most of them accessed originally by the Victorians with a stick or two of dynamite. It made walking through much easier for all rather than crawling through small holes at the rear of the caves.
They bear cheerful Victorian names such as the "Flitch of Bacon" and "The Poached Eggs".
And Yes! Dear Reader, when we came out of the caves it was raining.
So we shall head southwards in hope.
Cheers for now Gillian

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