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Friday, 15 June 2012


I've framed a couple of pictures and hung two of them on the wall to see how they go. This is DJ's favourite. It is from a photograph I took a couple of months ago when all the golden blossoms were out so I called it "Golden Spring".   Fields of rapeseed, bushes of gorse, scattered dandelions and daisies and some buttercups. It looks fine from a distance and not too bad close up as well. It can stay there for a while. It is from Brusselton Hill, across the road from us, where we gather raspberries later in the year.
I continue my art classes and enjoy them very much but sadly Darlington's Arts Centre is shutting early next month due to Government/Council cuts. It's a shame because it is a great community centre with theatres, galleries, cafe and bar, and lots of classes in arts, photography, fibre arts, jewellery, writing etc and rehearsal and bookfair spaces as well. Everything has had to find another venue to continue next term and they are all over the town instead of being together. Some will not be able to continue at all.
Our teacher, Paul Dillon, has found a space together with photography and other art teachers in a disused education centre, so I and others can continue our lessons in the autumn.
We shall all miss the grand old buildings of the Arts Centre.

Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

Looks good from here!