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Sunday, 24 June 2012


We have continued the search for the sun southwards and are now in La Tranche-sur-Mer, a seaside village on the Atlantic coast of La Vendee in France. It has been sunny since we got off the ferry and although the cloud is picking up this evening and rain is promised, the night is the best time for it. More fine days to follow.
People sunbathe, para-sail, windsurf and paddle about. There are lots of shops and cafes, a market on Saturdays and free entertainment in the square. We are a stone's throw from all of it and having a great time.
I read, knit, walk about, drink great coffee and feast on mussels and other BBQ treats.
We even had visitors last week. DJ's sister and BIL came over from where they were staying further up the coast.
It's amazing what you can fit in a camper, and what you can't is available at SuperU a short walk away. Because everything is so close we haven't needed to disassemble the campsite and drive the van anywhere so it has been very restful.
DJ is reading "Dead Men Risen" about the Welsh Guards in Afghanistan. Excerpts shared with me have made me realise that it would not be my choice of holiday reading, but there again, I have just finished "Death of Kings" by Bernard Cornwell. Quite a lot of blood and guts in that too, but of course it's fiction and I can read through buckets of that.
Time for a wine!
Cheers Gillian


Anonymous said...

Your vacation looks fabulously peaceful and relaxing. Wish I was there to sample some of the offerings on your grill.

carol said...

Have some sunshine for me - and please bring some back to the UK. Your vacation sounds perfect.

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Lyn said...

Please pop over to my blog to pick up your Sunshine Award!

helen tilston said...

Congratulations on your award.

I love your post.

As your new follower, I am looking forward to your visit and comments