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Tuesday, 3 July 2012


The weather lasted quite well and the beach slowly filled up as more and more people holidayed and played.

We stopped in St Malo for a couple of days before we caught the ferry home. It is a pretty place and we sauntered around and ate lovely food and again enjoyed fine weather. The ferry ride home is over eight hours and although the sea was calm, the Channel Islands were the only highlight in the tedious journey.
We travelled north via Cheshire to pick up Tinkerbell. She was very good in the van and travelled quietly and warily in her carrycase.
At home she spent the first couple of days in the bedroom adjusting to the new smells and noises from various hiding places.

She is quite bold and has now been exploring the rest of the house. She shreds toys and leaps great distances without fear and has fallen through the banisters to the floor below. She scampers wildly from room to room and drags toys with her.
This is her kangaroo pose! She will undoubtedly grow into her large paws. It's like having a toddler around. Things must be put away, breakables must be stowed in cupboards and doors must be opened carefully so that she doesn't escape from the other side.
She sits on my knee and plays on the keyboard and follows the cursor around the screen so posts must be written while she is asleep, like now.
But the best bit is.......we came home from the shops a while ago and she ran to greet us at the door.
Something lovely to come home to!
Cheers Giliian


Sue said...

Oh Tinkerbell is just adorable. She and Lucy would make such terrific friends as Lucy likes to do the same thing. I turned the computer off the other night and then a few minutes later it was on again. I turned on the light and there was Lucy sitting next to it looking at me as if to say come on we have to listen to some more knitting podcasts! How nice that Tinkerbell greets you at the door!

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

Awwww! I want to cuddle her.

hippyhat said...

Delightful! what fun you'll have. Like a toddler, lol:)

Agree very sad about the Arts Centre - have used it well over several decades. Shame.

hope you're staying dry!
pamela x

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! So glad you have another kitty to spoil and love.