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Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Builders have been up on the roof all week repairing the chimneys. We have four structures with nine chimney pots. The brick chimneys have been refurbished and slightly lowered so that rotten bricks could be discarded. They look good and hopefully will not let the rain in any more. Then the top floor of the house can dry out before we redecorate. The old bricks had lost their skin and rain was just soaking into them like into a sponge.
Scaffolding was needed because they are so high up and most of the base scaffold had to be in our neighbour's back yard. Most of the muck and dust seems to have fallen that way too and she has been tolerant but not very happy. The worst thing was the Sky dish. All of a sudden her TV went dodgy and she called the builders to stop till it could be fixed. The dish has had to be moved temporarily.
It is nearly finished and we could do with a rainstorm to wash all the dust away.
The weather has been a bit disappointing here. Cloud has covered the sky quite a bit and it is cooler than down south. I've entertained myself indoors.
I took a load of painting gear down to the kitchen and had a go at a half finished painting. The sky was not right. There is no real focus in the picture too so some thought will go into that. I'm reluctant to park a few seagulls around. They can end up looking a bit twee.
So I did a bit of multi-tasking in between the coats of paint drying and rustled up and egg and bacon pie and a small bakewell tart for tea. With salad and bought cole-slaw, tea was ready.
Tinker is growing up. She has the normal Bengal fascination with water and just loves it when one of us has a bath or shower.
Her harness training is going well and I shall be adding the lead soon. Then she can go for a walk round the yard. I don't intend to take her for walks like you do with a dog. The harness and lead is so that she can come out with us in the campervan or car. I think that, by law, a cat must be secured in a moving vehicle and with a harness and lead she can look out of the windows and come out onto the grass for picnics and stuff like that. Still a way to go and lots of vehicle training yet to come.
It will mean that we can have the doors open again without fear of her running outside and panicking.
She can come out and help with the watering!!!
Cheers for now, Gillian


Lyn said...

she is looking beautiful there!
It can always be tricky when you have builders doing work and it always is an inconvenience to neighbours!

Vanessa1988 said...

Your painting looks fab so far! Tinker is beautiful, Tibby still sits on the side of the bath sometimes too, Tibby isnt bengal he's a tabby however he has a spotted tummy so i dont know if he has some bengal in him x

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Ahh, fully understand the harness now. Similar to my blog thoughts that I have just put up about the doggy cage. Hope we both get somewhere with our pets soon!