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Monday, 30 July 2012


Last week was not so good, weather-wise. We waited eagerly for the jet stream to move north and let the sunshine in. All the weather fore-casters were optimistic and true to form the south of England got summer. But we went to Harrogate and we were lucky it didn't rain.
It's a grand place, full of lovely old buildings and individual shops. I had only been once before, to the Knitting and Stitches show, which is on every November. It's a whole day's worth of stalls and demos and new fabrics, fibres and fleeces.
The queue outside Betty's Tearooms was quite short so we lined up for only a few minutes before being whisked away to a table for a delicious luncheon. I had a lovely dish of macaroni cheese and a pot of Earl Grey tea (with tea leaves!)

Tinker has a chair of her own at home. Tigger started the damage on the upper wings and Tinker seemed to know instinctively that she could sharpen her claws there too. It has lots of toys. Her favourites involve feathers and she frenzedly strips them bare and leaves the loose feathers lying around. She is quite a climber too.
Up the curtains!
To the top of the chairs! A closer examination of her hind paws will show you how she holds on.
DJ also plays cat-in-the-bag with her and has the claw marks to show how quickly she can lunge out of the top. It's a special crackle bag which makes a noise when she moves about in it. I prefer to entertain her and myself with more peaceful activities.
Sometimes she gets enforced peace and quiet when we go off in the camper. She is not yet ready for travel.
Last outing was to Whitby on Saturday and we left home soon after seven thirty so as to get to the West Cliff area and park up for the day. There were quite a few campervans there already. It is a short walk from everywhere, over the road from the clean, free, public toilets and is free parking all day.
The sun shone all morning and as we walked past The Magpie, the best fish and chip place in Whitby, we noticed that there was NO queue. So in we went. Another great lunch. This time I had fish pie with my Earl Grey tea.
The weather changed in the afternoon and so we headed home.
Here's a painting of Whitby beach I'm working on. Struggling a bit with the breaking waves.
But I was happy with the little figure and dog.
Cheers for now


Vanessa1988 said...

Aww Tinker reminds me so much of my Tibby when he was younger.
Sounds like you have been having a lovely time, your painting looks great too :)

helen tilston said...

Hello Gillian

Tinker is such a character and no doubt bring you much joy

It is wonderful that you can park right by the ocean. I love your painting.


Jennifer AKA keewee said...

I just love Tinker, if I was to ever have another kitty, I think I would like one just like him.

Lyn said...

scary claws on your cat!
I am glad you found some sunshine on your travels and I am loving your painting.

carol said...

That is a VERY naughty face! What a lucky cat to have a whole chair to herself Do you think she'll stick with just the one though...?