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Thursday, 2 August 2012


I publicly voice an opinion against the Olympics, but usually only if asked. I don't like the involvement of so much capitalist enterprise.  I regret the need for advertising and TV to dominate the grand occasion in order for sports to take place on this scale. And I harbour grave concerns about the preparation and selection processes used globally. I don't believe that it is a platform for fair parity.

BUT... if I pass the TV while a race is on, I have to stop and watch to see who wins and watch their thrill on screen and share it here at home.

I'm lucky to be able to feel a thrill if Oz or GB wins ( I have dual nationality and all of my sports involvement has been Australian, eg Cricket support) so I have had quite a few opportunities to feel smug this time round.

BUT...what I'm really looking forward to is Robbie Grabarz in the High Jump. We are related! OK, my brother is married to Robbie's father's sister. brother is Robbie's uncle. Anyway that's the closest I've ever got to an Olympian. It's written in our diary and we shall stay home to watch on Tuesday.

Please watch too and wish him all the best as you do.
Cheers Gillian


Anonymous said...

I hope that your Olympian had a great showing. I've watched a few events, but over here they've all been pre-recorded and only select bits and pieces make it through. And those snippits we're allowed to see are over-talked by the announcers blithering on about back ground stories, etc. At least when we lived by the Canadian border we could watch the coverage on some of their channels.

carol said...

I enjoyed watching events whilst with the rest of the family - it's fun when shared. Don't understand velodrome (why the old chap on the motorised bike goes first??!! I thought he was a hare or something.) dressage was amazing, and BMX. I watched the closure with the sound down to keep out the trashy music!