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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Raspberry Jam and a Cat Climber

Just to the south of us is Brusselton Hill. We walk the footpath often. It is a combination of the old railway line and the really old wagonway. Someone called "Tobin" was the last to live there and his old apple trees and raspberry canes line the footpath at some small stages.
We picked about half a kilo this morning. Asda had some blackberries for sale and so I came home and mixed the lot into some jam.

DJ has created a rustic cat climber for you-know-who. She loves it. She hasn't hit the top level yet but enjoys sunning herself at the mid-level. It was the result of a couple of long logs from the firewood place and a few bits from the timberyard where you can pick up cut-offs. Plus half a kilo of 4 inch nails and the cat has her own jungle.
And here's mine. This grand easel was sent over from Germany and it took me half an hour to put it together. It could have been less but I forgot to make sure everything faced forward before I started and I had to undo a part because the screw hole I needed was on the front instead of the back.
I have seen similar for three times the money through "Hobbycraft" so I'm very happy with it...but.... what do I do about it's height? It won't fit in the top room where I do my painting. I don't think I will ever paint something big enough to need it's full height. Do I saw off a foot or so of lovely timber.
Any news and views on that would be welcome.
Cheers Gillian


Lyn said...

You know it's coming to the end of summer when the jam making begins!

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