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Friday, 20 July 2012


Tinker slept quite happily with her new harness spread over her .
I have been treating it like a toy and fixing the velcro to her scratching chair for her to play with so that it is a non-threatening item. She woke up as I was getting ham out for a lunch sandwich and her nose started twitching. She adores ham. And so while she was nibbling away at a scrap of ham on the floor I knelt down and zapped on the harness.
She didn't seem to notice; she was so busy with the ham morsel!
She swayed a bit when she walked around and rolled over a couple of times but then she seemed quite happy to play around in it.
I only left it on for a few minutes and will try again today.
Cheers Gillian


Vanessa1988 said...

Hi, Your kitty is so adorable reminds me a little of my tibby when he was a baby he is two now! It's gone so fast.
Look forward to hearing and seeing more about Tinker :)

Jennifer AKA keewee said...

A little sweetie indeed.