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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tinker Grows Up...a bit

Tinker has been with us for two and a half weeks now and she is still small enough to be able to sit on top of her scratching post but not quite big enough to take up a place at the table...
I must admit that at first I didn't worry much when she slowed down her activities. She has fallen through the banisters to the floor below. She has slipped rear-end into the bath and legs forward into the downstairs loo. She throws herself about recklessly and has been to the top of every curtain and inside every cupboard.
BUT...then she slept quietly for a couple of days and when she moved she favoured her front right paw, and so in the end we took her to the vet.
We are lucky to be five minutes from a vet and they all remember Tigger and are thrilled to see the new baby.
It was decided that she had pulled a muscle. I was worried that she had trodden on broken glass, that she had created when she overturned the re-cycling basket and broke a glass jar.
Anyway, an anti-inflammatory injection and £30.36 and we went home. She seems to be better now.

She is to be trained to wear a harness and walk on a lead. Famous last words!
I bought a lovely harness from mynwood .
She inspected the package.
And its contents.

Then she ignored it all. The recommendation is that she should be rewarded for playing with it and slowly but surely it should be put on. Maria, who makes and sells these items uses a lovely staid, tame, placid and probably half asleep cat to demonstrate on her website, how to dress your cat in one of these cat jackets.


I shall continue to update you on any progress made. She will be spayed in a couple of weeks and then I can train her in earnest and start to take her out.
Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Good luck with the jacket! Cats seem very good at reversing out of harness if I remember rightly. I had a friend whose Siamese sat on her shoulder for trips into town; a very eye- catching pair they made.
Tinker is delightful.

Lyn said...

oh how lovely, hope she continues to make progress. We tried a harness on our two cats when we introduced them to our new garden but they hated it so much we gave up in the end!
Good Luck!

Lisa Poole said...
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Lisa Poole said...
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Gillian said...

I've deleted the last two cos they were adverts for window blinds!
Cheers Gillian

love those cupcakes said...

Those first two pics just crack me up!

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Good luck with the harness. We have bought a slightly less jackety version for callie, as she seemed to ignore the fact that she was strangling herself on the collar and lead. She ignores the harness too, so maybe Tinker will accept it. Not sure if a cat walkies are similar to a dogs. Calpurnia goes like and arrow then stops to sniff until we get too far in front. Cats have their own ways I suspect.