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Monday, 11 August 2008


I love doing jigsaws and have just finished this 1200 piece. I particularly enjoy map/jigsaws and must admit that I was able to put quite a few pieces into this one because of the shape of the coastline or the part of a name.
As you can see I do the jigsaws on a card table in front of the window. These are foldable tables and are handy for stalls. P came this morning and took three crates of books for sales at Tennants. He has a couple of big collections in for the September sale so my Louis Wain books will probably go on sale in December

I got a bit sick of loud karaoke with the classical stuff so I got the Shangri-las out for a good sing-along. I have the lime green pants and can fix up some pink ankle boots if anyone in the postcode of DL can do the pink and blue jeans and sing a bit more than me.

I have emptied the hallway of books and boxes and it looks great and the old red sandstone flagstones keep the house cool in all weathers! Tynemouth Station Book Fair and Flea Market next Sunday for anyone in the area.
Cheers Gillian

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Heide said...

Your entryway is absolutely gorgeous. I've not put together a jigsaw puzzle in many years. Maybe I'll try to find one for my girls and I to work on together. Good luck selling your books.