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Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Sue noticed that I was still using the knitting bag she made for me a couple of years ago. You bet! It's a perfect size for toting around socks in progress or, as it is at the moment, hats in progress.

I have fallen in love with the DROPS pattern, no.110-34. It is so easy and adaptable. I did the red one in sock wool (Lana Grossa) on 4mm needles. I did it longer than the pattern (cast on 80 stitches) and adjusted the short rows to 66 and 52 stitches. I cast off when it wrapped round my head. I threaded some eyelash yarn through the holes left by the turn round at the short rows and I wear it turned up.

The beige one is knitted from some stuff I got from Sue's stash! at about the same time as the knitting bag. It is a 14ply acrylic from Target called Mosaic and I don't even know if Target still sell yarn. My sister is wearing that one turned up too.

The one on the needles at present is Rowan Tapestry, which always looks so lovely when it's stacked on the shelves in a wool shop that I had to buy a couple of balls even though I had no idea what I would knit with it. Well.....this hat seems to fit the bill/ball. In fact one ball seems to be sufficient so I'm still looking for a project for the second ball.
I'm knitting this one on 4.5mm needles cos the hats seem to suit a looser tension. This one is even longer than the other two and so will have a larger turn-up and be really cosy round the ears for a long ramble.

There's a lovely new wool shop opened in Barnard Castle, opposite the Butter Mart or Market Cross, so I made a visit today and spent a happy half hour selecting some yarns for a cardigan. It is a Berroco free pattern and uses a combination of yarns. As these are not available in the UK, I will have to do a lot of playing around with yarns and needle sizes. I bought a ball of Sirdar Juniper to start with. It is soooo pretty that I want to start knitting it RIGHT NOW. It seems that the Rowan Tapestry hat will become a WIP for a while.
I have reasoned around it by telling myself that I don't need a third hat straight away!!!

Cheers for now Gillian


sue said...

You really suit the red hat. I am glad that you still use the bag too and that it fits a hat project inside it. The tapestry yarn does look very nice knitted up too, I love the striping in it. It is nice to hear of you knitting a big project again too.

Heide said...

The bag is adorable. I love the Drops site. The Rowan is knitting up quite lovely. Cheers!