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Sunday, 15 March 2009


I have walked with the County Durham Guided Walks groups for many months now and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. I have also done walks with English Heritage and AONB (areas of outstanding natural beauty) too and they are really great. The new CDGW guide should be out soon to cover the summer months.
Much as I would like you all to turn up and enjoy what I do, there is a feeling about that says "Don't tell everyone!!!" We like it the way it is and don't want hordes of visitors.

This is the Hury Reservoir which is part of a set of five reservoirs in the Lunedale and Baldersdale Valleys. We walked the ten mile tour of most of them and enjoyed the views and the majesty of the Victorian engineering.
About halfway around the walk we stopped at Hannah's Barn. This is the protected barn at the top of Hannah's Meadow. Hannah Hauxwell's story is well documented in various books and TV shows (try Apparently Hannah now lives in the village of Cotherstone and doesn't have to toil every day.

We don't have a uniform even though it seems that red tops and blue bottoms are needed for this pic. People are having some respite from the hefty hike outside Hannah's Barn. There were still a few miles to go.
I have been to visit my sister a couple of times this weekend. At first she was quite chipper but then they took the epidural out and she started to feel pain and nausea. I can't get to see her again because I'm off to Tunisia/Carthage tomorrow. Hopefully things will improve for her and I will visit again on my return.
Cheers Gillian


Anonymous said...

Wow. Walks are awesome. See lots, and great exercise as well!

The Hannah Hauxwell story was lovely but also sad as well. You learn something new everyday, and her story is so...she's so sweet about it all.

Hope your sister is well upon your return, and I hope you have an awesome holiday, you lucky thing.

chillsider said...

thanks for your kind comments on my blog. I enjoy discussions about "is it craft, or is it art?" I have come to a conclusion that both are valuable. I guess I aim towards art, partly because I am not skilled enough for craft.