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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

TONS MORE ABOUT TUNISIA and holidays like that

The first day we arrived in Tunisia we were taken to the Barcelo Carthage Thalasso Hotel, in Gammarth. This photo shows the entrance atrium. The rest of the decor was about the same!The whole place was pretty splendid. We did the first half of the holiday as "Full Board". This means that all meals are provided even if you are on your way from one place to the next. This happened for lunch on a couple of occasions and we enjoyed excellent food at all times. Drinks are extra and are paid for as you leave. The Barcelo in Gammarth was a real treat. Even the chef was pleased with his buffet and came out of the kitchen to take photos. There were more chefs on duty at the cook-as-you-want-it buffet than diners.

This is part of the dining room as we were about to leave after breakfast and continue our Roman Ruins Tour.

This is the gate between "old" and "new" Tunis. On this side is the Medina and on the other side is the French styled section of boulevards, Parisian cafes and modern buildings.

We visited Sidi Bou Said which is close to Tunis and is a picturesque village on a hilltop overlooking the Mediterranean. As we walked down from a coffee break at a cafe on the hill we passed a funeral procession going uphill to the cemetery at the top. It was on foot because of the steep and narrow road and about a hundred men took turns running to the front and shouldering the coffin. I did not take a pic of that but this is the road they climbed.

We sat in the cafe here and had coffees. Others were smoking water-pipes and although we were offered the opportunity to do so, I chose not to. The views were amazing and the bill for two coffees for us and a juice for our guide in this favourite tourist spot was only 7.80Dt or 3.90GBP.

The next post will be about the Roman mosaics. I need to sort out where we went and what photos are what before I can describe the ruins.
I have been knitting and will and post stuff about that later.
I went to work on Monday. It was fine. I wasn't needed for the rest of the week so will hopefully get more work after Easter. The children are described as "exhibiting challenging behaviours". It gets a bit boring because the challenges are very repetitive. Because I was new I unsettled the little stability that had been established in the classes I was in. It will take time for them to accept me. Maybe then I can be of more use.
Cheers Gillian

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