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Friday, 24 September 2010


We recently returned from a walk around Forcett with a carrier bag full of potatoes. This was the loot from a trudge across a recently harvested potato field . False and unfair are the accusations heaped upon us by RH, of potato rustling on a major scale in the north and blaming us for shortages in the south and so causing the near starvation of thousands of children!!! Let them eat chips, we say!)
Unfortunately the potatoes only taste good because they were free and have lashings of butter on them. That's a shame for us but a bigger one for you because you are probably going to be paying for their big brothers in a supermarket near you all winter.
The blackberries and elderberries are now dealt with for this year and our fingers are returning to their normal colour.
So we took ourselves off to Saltburn on the train. A grand day out for £6.30 each return. Some fish and chips and a ride on the cliff lift. Yes and no. The lift is closed until Easter so we walked down and up again.
The tide was well out and there was a lot of weed washed up, so the coalmen had to scrape it aside to forage the seacoal which they shovel up into sacks. This couple happily filled a few carriers as well. Our foraging nature has led us to enquire how it can be used at home. Can we make our own "Saltburn Nuts"? When we were young the coalman delivered "Welsh Nuts" to our home to keep the hot water boiler burning, because London in living required the smokeless fuel of the anthracite coal from south Wales.

We have seen this seacoal gathered commercially to be used in the furnaces in the steel works on Teesside but how can it be used domestically?
The weather is starting to change and cooler temperatures are here. Such a supply of fuel could be very welcome.
Cheers Gillian

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chillsider said...

WE have just had 10 sacks of coal delivered. The coalman used to refuse to deliver [steep drive]till I threatened to contact the media about them leaving a poor old pensioner to freeze. Then the other house up on our hill opened up their coal fire so the coalmen lashed out on a new trolley.
Unhappily for him, next door decided to go for a wood fire, but the trolley had been already revealed so now we get our coal without an argument.
I would just give some sea coal a go and see what happens.