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Sunday, 24 April 2011


We went on a coach trip to Scarborough. So did everyone else it seems! Not only was everyone from the north east of England there, but all the "motor scooter clubs" in England were visiting too.

There were donkeys being ridden on the beach, Children paddling, queues at every fish and chip shop, billowing banks of mist rolling down from the cliff top and people absolutely everywhere trying to get some sunshine when it broke through.

The Grand Hotel is a little tatty on the outside but still has very grand Victorian features and an amazingly commanding position on the top of the cliff.

We crossed over the bridge after visiting the Museum which houses the remains of Gristhorpe Man

The weather stayed fine and we explored the promenade, the shopping area and the back streets before returning to the Grand for a well earned drink with the motor scooter riders in the bar.

Much of the Victorian architecture survives and space on top of the cliff is highly prized. Buildings are wedged together and parking is extremely limited so we were glad we had chosen to travel by coach for the day out. Dozens of motorists got parking tickets along the promenade. They all seemed to have misread a parking sign saying "Three Hours Parking between 5pm and 9am".

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Haven't seen a beach that crowded for many years. It looks fun in a thoroughly old fashioned way. I love the hotel interior too, also a remnant of English holiday making before cheap air fares.

How do you manage to make links like that? When I try it never works!

Gillian said...

When you open a new blogger page, there is a tool bar at the top.
It says things...from the left...Font/style, T/size, b/bold, i/Italic, T/colour, LINKS which is an icon resembling a light green taurus symbol and then it goes on to page distribution etc.
What you do is click the links bit and either before or after you select the link you fill in the small window which pops up with the URL
That all makes sense to me.
Get in touch on email if it needs further explanation.
Lovely weather here still.
Cheers Gillian