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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Happy Birthday Transporter Bridge

The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge is one hundred years old this week and so we decided to go and have a ride on it. It is a high metal structure across the River Tees. A gondola hangs from it by long cables, just a few feet above the river. You turn up and drive your car onto the gondola. It takes about ten cars. A conductor takes your £1.30.

Then the cables tow you over to the other side. You can't even feel it moving it is so smooth, but they don't use it on windy days. So if a ship goes through all it has to do is fit under the high bit where the cables are. It isn't like a chain ferry where you get dragged across. On this one you hang from the top all the way.

Then you drive off and it fills up and comes back again.

As you can see from the pictures it started to rain as soon as we arrived so better pics can be found on other sites such as My link wouldn't work properly so you'll have to click the Whats On button. There are clips of people bungee jumping and historic clips etc. Have fun.

Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

How very ingenious is the human being! So many ways to cross a river.