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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The OK Bus is OK with Me

The OK Buses are OK with me!!!
A couple of weeks ago the OK Expressway buslines started a new express from Crook to Darlington. They promised it would run every half hour. It does, and it does so from the bus stop at the end of our road! It is no longer worth taking the car into Darlo.
Our bus passes are truly magic. They save us £6.00 in fuel, and a couple of quid for parking near Tkmaxx. We love the freedom of them and the great variety the local bus station offers.

Arriva have set up another run. The X1 also goes from the end of the road and all the way to Darlington and the journey is a few minutes shorter.
We took the X1 home the other day and went along the A6072 instead of the A68. We don't really mind which bus we take. The couple of minute's difference is not important, but I think I shall go with the OK bus. So far the drivers have been much jollier and glad to see you.

Other buses from the Bishop Bus Station go to Sunderland and to Newcastle, like this one. They also go every half hour but the journey is long because the bus stops at every stop.
But free rides around the country are wonderful.
We can go to all the places mentioned and all the villages nearby and to Durham and other stuff.

You can get off the Newcastle bus at the top of the hill near THE ANGEL . We shall do that next time.

I've had some tonsilitis and a bout of bronchial infection which has laid me low for a while but I'm better now and riding the buses again.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

How very convenient. We have a dial-a-bus service for outlying areas.

i'm glad to hear you are recovering - i think i may be hatching the same thing!

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

Glad to have you back. Have only driven past the Angel, really really want to stop one day but he is always the one doing the driving at that point......and we have miles to go before we sleep.