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Sunday, 11 November 2012


My Father died fifty years ago on the 10th of this month. We were all young. I was the eldest and 14 and a half. He was buried in the cemetery at Wealdstone in the same grave plot as my sister, Alison, who had died six and a half years before.
We all returned there yesterday.
Luckily the weather was better than it had been 50 years ago. My sister, T, had prepared a lovely timeline of events, a collage of pics and a speech; which was left on the side while she spoke from her heart. There were many smiles and reminiscences, brave tears and much moving around into groups to take pics of  us all.

And then we went back to J&A's place in Barnet for a get together. We came from all over... from Bishop, Manchester, Brighton, Bournemouth, Pimlico, Mudeford, Glasgow and Barnet. We feasted and talked and drank and reminisced more. 
I haven't been party to any of these hot air paper balloons before. They are great fun, particularly if there is a perfect evening for their uplift. There were many fireworks going off and our small efforts should not have made too much mal-impact on the environment.
I returned home this morning.

Since the last blog we've been baking again. DJ started with some apple, sultana spice mix and some flaky pastry. I did the lattice-work wrap-over and then we cooked it. Fabulous!
This week we are not doing such cookery. We've bought the new "Jamie" book and there are quite a few ideas I want to follow.
Cheers Gillian


Mary Ann said...

A lovely tribute to your dad with the fire lanterns!

lovethosecupcakes said...

How wonderful to be with family on such a very special day. (If yours is anything like mine, the occasions when we get together are few and far between).

What's this? Flaky pastry? Lattice wrapover? Impressive stuff!

Gillian said...

Just added the pic of the apple lattice.
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

How wonderful for you to all be together to pay tribute to your dad. It must have been very hard for your whole family to lose him so early in your lives. I love the idea of the lantern too!

carol said...

That's a very hard age to lose your dad Gillian. It can't have been easy for you - especially as the eldest. I'm glad you could celebrate together with family.