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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Road to The Lakes

Not far from us the A66 crosses the Pennines to the Lake District in the west. We set off on Tuesday to bask in the sun at Pooley bridge.
The Park Foot Camping area has a field near Ullswater where you can park for the day or camp overnight with super clean toilet block and lovely views with a footpath to the lakeside.
This stream trickles by, under the trees.
And the lake was like a sheet of blue glass through the trees. A path along the lakeside leads northwards into town or southwards down to the boat club. We walked to town and had a beer and crisps in the pub garden of The Crown while we watched the waterbirds.
This young swan had joined a family for their picnic. Hunger took us back to the van for a BBQ. Some sausages sizzled while I buttered buns and got the tomato sauce ready. Our own family of waterbirds hurried along to join us.

Mum was the bravest.
Our journey in the morning was slightly delayed by some covered gypsy wagons heading to Appleby for the annual horse fair.
Others had decided not to waste a lovely day on the road and were settled in on all the verges within an easy ride of Appleby, so as to be able to get there later in the week.
At least the weather is good for them this year.
Cheers for now


carol said...

Those gypsy caravans are beautiful - are they owned by real gypsies or by wealthy gringos?

Brave family to host a swan - I'd be happier with your ducks.

It looks lie a lovely place. Have a sausage for me!

love those cupcakes said...

Lovely pictures. Haven't been over to the lakes for years and have only seen Appleby fair in the media. I do get a tad concerned about the treatment of some of those horses,though.