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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gorgeous Weather Here Too....La Vendee is cooler than Bishop Auckland!

It was a bit cooler today but the last few day,s since returning home, have been very warm. The patio trees are doing well. The cherries have dropped off but the eating apples are doing well.Watering garden pots has been a necessity. The cooking apple tree is based on a full tree root-stock and is going to be too big. Super pruning may help.
The Virginia Creeper is doing well as is the Wisteria and all the other plants have survived our absence.
La Tranche Sur Mer is a known spot for wind surfing, catamaran sailing, yachting and paddling. I was aware that I would like to paint some of the stuff so I practised a bit before we left.
I took lots of pics and made lots of observations. I shall try to paint  some more soon. 

We came across a lovely bar on the beach and met up with others for a few drinks one evening. Here we are, Alice and me, enjoying the evening on the beach.
While we were there there were a couple of wedding preps going on. The French seem to have a lovely routine of pre-wedding traditions, nicer than the "Bucks' and Hens' nights". The girls approached from one end of the beach with baskets of home made goodies which they sold to people like DJ for a euro or two. The men approached from the other end of the beach, having already been through town with drums and hunting horns. I didn't get anything!
As the girls approached from the left the blokes came in from the right.
We are pretty sure that the "bride-in-yellow" and the "groom-in-
superman-stuff" are from the same wedding!
Having fun with the painting knife and stuff,


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lovely seas and skies, painted and real