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Friday, 27 September 2013

More Crab Sandwiches and Great 40s Days in Sheringham

Away again! This time it was to North Norfolk. My sister C had booked a respite week in Sheringham. St David's if anyone is interested. And so DJ and I went south  to Bedfordshire with the campervan and then he took off  to Norfolk in that and C and I travelled in the Kangoo and headed  up to Sheringham. It was an easy vehicle to drive but I had to take care with C in the back in her wheelchair and well above the comfortable centre of gravity. She found it difficult to see out of the windows too, because her head is well above their levels.
Our first booking was on the top of the cliff nearby. Lovely views but it was terribly windy and the campervan ROCKED both nights.
We were very close to a school camp for field work and were entertained each morning by them passing along the coastal path.
After that we all went into Cromer to the Hotel de Paris and had ...crab sandwiches.
A lovely place and my first visit to this area. We returned to Cromer for basics during the week cos they had a few supermarkets. Then we moved the van to a site south of Sheringham. They celebrate the 1940s with an annual bash. Lots of folks in uniforms from WW2 and women with seamed stockings and "victory roll" hairdos. More crab for sandwiches from the seafood man in the High street.
The Muckleburgh Collection was a must. This is a transportable bridge. It is folded in half and can be taken almost anywhere and set up. The whole museum is privately owned and run and is superbly well organised and well worth the money. The vehicle collection is amazing.
C was very keen to see Wells-next-the-sea. So we headed over there one fine day and parked at the quayside. Much was going on and we were very lucky to get an outside table at a lovely cafe in the main street and enjoyed drinks and home made cakes.
But this fascinated all of us. An old warehouse has been transformed into prestigious flats and the green gantry contains part of the penthouse apartment.
Oh Yes ! That would be lovely. Could I live there? Probably only for a couple of weeks. I love where I live and the access I have to so many places and the shops and buses. But I also love looking out of the top window and seeing sheep or cattle on the hills nearby.

Once home again we walked the lane and got some more blackberries. Probably the last for the year. They have now  been cooked, eaten or frozen. The one apple on our new tree, that grew to full size, fell off two days ago and so it was bitten into with relish. Not so sweet!, but it benefited from being cooked up with some of the blackberries and dished up with rice pudding and meringues from the farm shop.
I hope that when we have picked up the new kitten at the end of the month, that I shall be able to change my food and travel agenda to a settling in at home agenda.
 It still seems to be quite mild and the bush rose is growing another burst of buds....will they flower?
Cheers, Gillian


carol said...

I wondered where you had got to - knew you'd be gadding about again!! You and Chillside between you make me miss England's green and pleasant land. And all those quaint places. The Northern Scots don't do quaint.

That gantry though - brrr! I would NOT like to live in that. Doesn't look safe to me.

lovethosecupcakes said...

You have been busy since I last popped into the Walled Garden! And a new kitty on the way, too. It all sounds great (well, apart from the crab sarnies!). Makes me reaise how long it's been (about 25 years) since we holidayed in Norfolk.

lovethosecupcakes said...

Of course, that shoud be 'realise'. Bliddy keyboard.

chillsider stitching and opinions said...

we go to Wells each New Year [usually snow and frozen puddles, His Idea] but I didn't know the gantry sticky out bit was part of the apartment. Bet that swings in the wind.