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Friday, 22 November 2013


I must admit that when I returned from OZ, I wanted to live in the north of England, and particularly near the Pennines and the Wall.
Here I am again. On the Wall, taking a picture of me, on the Wall and casting my shadow northwards towards Scotland. I am on the corner of the remains of the Roman Barracks.
It was three in the afternoon and there was still some frost in the shade!
If you clamber around the best bits you can see the Wall which was supposedly built to keep the Scots and the Picts out of the Roman Empire. In fact they were all so far away from Rome that the locals could just carry on farming, mining and marrying in the local area. Many of the Romans were Syrian soldiers. It was considered to be a good idea to send the soldiers to the other ends of the Empire.
There are only small sections of the Wall which can be accessed by the average punter. You can walk along this stretch to the west of Housesteads. It is grassy and offers good views.
There are better views to be had of the Wall along the scarp face but this was the best one today. If you visit in the winter it's a good idea to check the opening times. We had to do a bit of wall-clambering to get into the closed part and Vindolanda, further down the road, is closed during the week and is well locked up!
We spent some of the day looking around Corbridge and then climbed up the Wall before gathering at Langley Castle for a B&B stay.
It was a grand place and we all enjoyed a great night there.
Had to be careful where we walked outside....surprised not just by the frost but also the peacock poo!
Cheers to all


helen tilston said...

Hello Gillian

I can understand why you wanted to live here. The photos are awesome and Langley Castle well I say that is living.

Helen xx

Lyn said...

Wow what a great place, I have to say only been to that area once and that was years ago.

Trish said...

Nice to see the sun shining on Hadrian's Wall. Glad you found a nice little B&B to shelter in!

Anonymous said...

Some day I hope to visit that region! Thank you for sharing.

carol said...

Beautiful photos as usual. Hope you soon stop being too busy to write here - although I'm a fine one to talk! I have sent you an email Gillian - hope you received it.