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Saturday, 2 August 2014

July Was A Busy Time

After the trip to Masham we settled in at home for a couple of sets of visitors. My sister and her husband brought Mum up to stay with a friend and undertook necessary work on the student rental house that they own.
Then the Great Granddaughter was brought north by her parents.
Outings to the usual places prepared her for the future. Fish and Chips from the Almighty Cod at Seaton Carew and Jersey ice cream from Archers.
I got to rock her in the rain while the chips were eaten.
After that we headed to the Midlands to visit friends and then down to Lancing to visit relatives and new kittens. Fortunately the weather was fine and we we had BBQs at Goring Gap and at the campsite.
Then on to stay in Mudeford with sister and husband again.
There was an Arts Festival on and I'd submitted some pictures.
They hung happily amongst the others enjoying their outing and then they all got packed up to come home. My art tutor warned me that black frames don't sell!!! The few pictures that sold seemed to be photos and animals. Traditional watercolours and scenery seem to be out of fashion. And my art tutor was right. My pictures looked quite sombre amongst their brighter companions.
A new allotment was also on the visiting list.
DJ checked out the shed and...
Both he and T looked carefully for Raspberries.
We took a big bag of fresh veggies home and at the bottom was thus little fellow sitting with his legs crossed.
We stopped and camped overnight in Whatstandwell and then went up in the cable car to The Heights of Abraham.
Great views, a cavern to look round and some lovely fossils were the best bits and the cable car was super.
Then on home to pick up Billy who was so surprised to see us that he must have thought we were never coming back.
His first birthday is tomorrow.
Cheers for now,


love those cupcakes said...

You certainly packed a lot in! Happy birthday, Billy.

carol said...

Love the little gnome carrot. It's interesting what you say about black frames. I'm surprised really. Maybe lighter colours give more hanging options. I think it helps if the frames echoes the painting in some way but find black nice and emphatic. Anyway - congratulations on being brave and exhibiting. Was that the first time?
Thank you for more pictures of your travels. Hoe BIlly is happy to be home again (I know sometime cats can sulk!)

Lyn said...

I love the mum had a few funny ones from her allotment this summer!

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