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Sunday, 10 May 2015


Last year we visited Tossa de Mar on the Costa Brava as part of a tour. This year we returned to enjoy more of it and stay in a delightful hotel we had noticed down on the beach.
Tossa is an old fishing town and much of the Mediaeval section remains within the old walls which provided protection from pirates. We walked around the narrow streets and along the cliff-top path and drank cold wine on the terrace of the bar near the top.
.The weather was kind to us and we scrambled the rocks and walked all the lanes

The beach was just beyond the hotel which could be easily found by using the two palm trees to guide us home.

The hotel had originally been built as a holiday house for a wealthy family and was designed by Antoni de Falguera but is now a small hotel .
The windows are marvellous and the lead lighting inside is brilliant.

The winter sitting room has an immense marble fireplace...

...and the afternoon tea room has a wonderful ceiling.

Our own room had lovely views out to sea and of the terrace where we spent some time.

All the decor has been maintained and the gargoyles still function but it didn't rain to demonstrate.

It can get very crowded and we were there for the Mayday holiday but the rest of the time it was mostly well behaved school visits and we had no trouble sauntering around.

Tossa is a fair way from Barcelona Airport, but once the bus has reached the outskirts of that sprawling city you are almost there. Girona is a handier landing place but we were stopping in Barcelona as well. It is a really lovely town. Places to eat abound, the views are magnificent and the lanes are treasure troves of shops. The "Old Section" is quaint and there are very few English pubs, bars and cafes. In fact the commonest "foreign" languages on signs are French and Russian.
There's a patch of blue sky outside right now so I hope the spring weather is well on its way in.
Cheers for now


helen tilston said...

Hello Gillian
Tossa de Mar looks like a fascinating place to visit and holiday. Your hotel is marvellous and the gargoyles when it rains must be quite amusing. Being near to Barcelona is also a bonus.
Have a glorious week

Helen xx

love those cupcakes said...

We had a couple of holidays in Tossa when the children were small and, like you, really enjoyed our stays there. No blue skies here today but we made the most of the good weather yesterday doing jobs in the garden