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Thursday, 29 May 2008

New for Old

Simon the gardener is reclaiming some old beds that had been overgrown by grass and weeds. They had tulips in them but now the dandelions are winning. I suppose that they were originally, rose beds. There are four of them and in the middle is slab for some sort of statuary or sundial.

He has turned them into this!
It was a wonderful opportunity for me to head off to the garden centre and buy, buy, buy.
About twenty minutes drive away near Tow Law in County Durham is New Row Farm Nurseries. A marvellous place to spend some time and money. So I did.

I treated myself to some larger plants to provide the structure for the planting of the new beds and when I returned we spent some time moving the pots around to best advantage.

I shall have to return for more because there are four beds to fill and the borders are quite empty now they have been weeded. Then I will fill the spaces with self seeders before the weeds have a chance to grow back.

Lupins are one of my favourite flowering plants and they are not grown in Australia so I was thrilled to get a few to put in the side bed where the lavenders did not survive. Something tall and striking against the wall will look good. I shall add delphiniums and foxgloves when I find them.

On the plant trail again.

Cheers Gillian


Karen Hall said...

I have enjoyed reading you posts. The walled garden sounds lovely
An Artists Garden

chillsider said...

lupins are fine flowers, but they don't seem to like the steep bank of my sandy garden, which is a bit picky of them, in my view. If I am lucky this year, I can cut them down to ground after flowering and they will come again, but I am further south than you.The foxgloves are making valiant efforts to fill in however.And the ....what do you call those great big plants with big leaves and lots of flowers, I'll get back to you when brain is plugged in.

chillsider said...

Hollyhocks !!