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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Within the House

I went on a craft day at Langdon Beck Youth Hostel, way up Teesdale. It was wonderful. It had been organised as part of the "Northern Rocks" festival. We were doing traditional crafts with the scenery and geology in mind.
So... I had a go at Hooky rugging. I prefer it to Proggy/Clippy because you use a strip of fabric and work with the right side showing so that you can se how it develops
This is my version of a ROCK GARDEN. My excuse for its lack of aesthetic impact is that it isn't finished yet. I shall continue with some grey background and then attempt to embellish it with embroidery and beads. Oh Yeah!!!

An improvement on my hooky efforts is my felting project. I must admit that I always thought felting was an accident and when the tutor told us to design an item, I thought she was joking. But this is my MEADOW bowl.
It is cut open at the top which is hard to see because I photographed it straight on. It turned out just like I planned/designed it to!!!. Of course it will leak if used as a vase but it will hold paintbrushes or knitting needles really well. In fact that has given me an idea.........

Cheers Gillian

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chillsider said...

Your felt "vessel" is very attractive. I work with fabrics and threads too, and it is good to see your hooking and felting.
I now belong to various Textile groups here in the South and find the succession of small exhibitions a good spur to get things finished. Do you exhibit? chillsider