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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Orange Mobile Phones Do Work

I can blog, albeit with limited decorations and sidebar adornments. I can google/research really well. I can internet-shop globally. I can use word, powerpoint and excel. I can teach classrooms full of kids on computers and monitor them and their computer use AND still have all the keys left on the keyboards when they leave the room.

Three days ago I tripped over the mobile phone charger-lead and the phone fell to the floor and spilled its guts. Very carefully, I picked up all the pieces and replaced them in the cavities that matched the dimensions of the fallen parts like completing a jigsaw. Optimistically, I opened up the phone but it was DEAD.

Today, I went to the ORANGE shop in Darlo and stood in line at the service desk for about 15-20 minutes. When it was my turn I handed over my Motorola and gave them the sad story. I said I hoped that, perhaps, I had returned the parts upside down or something like that. The woman (blonde, attractive, tanned and with long finger nails which were not her own) said "what happened when you tried to turn it on?"!!! She then pressed one, long, decorated thumbnail into a squishy button bit on the right-hand side.

What do you mean...turn it on! Hasn't it always been on? It beams a small screen at me every time I open it up. It does some very useful things like...1) send phone calls to people whose numbers I can remember off by heart or who were thoughtful enough to put their number in my phonebook. 2) send msg things to people who don't mind my sorry lack of punctuation and realise that a long space between words is as good as a full stop.
It doesn't take photos, play tinny music into my ears on the bus or alert me when something momentous is about to happen and last but not least IT DOESN'T ALARM ME WHILE I'M IN THE QUEUE IN ASDA. It is just a phone and I put about £20 in it every six months and use it mainly for calling tradesmen who don't know what a landline is.

Anyway the long thumbnail treatment worked a treat! The light came back on and it dinged a few times. She smiled at me as I would smile at a dear old lady. I celebrated by buying a wand attachment for the hose so that I can water the hanging baskets without climbing a ladder.

If I can remember how to use the new camera, I'll take a pic of those hanging baskets tomorrow or the next day. Tomorrow I'm off to an auction sniffing out some books and then off to Durham Hospital for my annual check-up.

The summer has disappeared. I hope it is short lived because I have some sun-burn that needs evening out.

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh what a funny story Gillian, but a great outcome in the end for you. You know Lachlan knows more about stuff like that than I do and I still havent worked out all the tricks in my mobile as yet either. Good luck with the checkup and remember to slip slop slap!

chillsider said...

Man I live with once sent for the by young and derisive TV repair person [at huge call out charge] and was told it was just the plug fuse. I can still embarrass him by reminiscing.
Useful when I have done something else inept.

carol said...

Thanks for the laughs - you seem to be having trouble with communications at the moment Gillian. Have you 'looked' at that? What is it you are trying to tell yourself?(As the therapists would irritatingly ask.)

The house - well, Wow, you do set yourself some big projects and get on with them with no messing! It's going to be great. I like a bit of ivy myself but do agree it damages. I'm hoping the neighbours don't notice how well my Virginia Creeper is doing up their wall which borders my garden!

Has that man got any pants on? Just asking....

chillsider said...

Re your "comment" on NYDJ I have looked on the inter-web and now i know how much they cost, which i could persuade myself IF they are reasonably comfortable. I once bought a pair of knickers with a control panel and they made me feel very ill. How would you rate their comfort level??? Also I don't like the sizing policy, according to them I am enormous!!!