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Monday, 27 July 2009


Here is a picture of one of the best investments I ever made. She is such a character. She is a "people" cat and needs to be with me, particularly when she can hear me speaking. She follows me around the house and garden and explores inside all the doors I open. Luckily, J the electrician, who is also a "cat person, was careful, not to leave her exploring under the floorboards after he arranged for more wiring to be done.

Tomorrow, Npower should turn up to transfer the gas and electric meters from "pay-as-you-go" to "steady-as-you-go and sign me up for a direct debit". This will probably be worth more than the old-age-pension because it is a big house!

Tigger won't care. She has just discovered the delights of cat-tuna-in-jelly. Up till now she has lived on Iams, the biscuit with all a cat needs in it. Do I give her the soft stuff which she loves or do I stick to the Iams which are so much cleaner and easier? Please let me know what you do. She is spoiled rotten already so I suppose it doesn't really matter. She is booked into the cattery on Friday and howls miserably all the way there. I tell myself that she is happy enough there and the staff all seem to love her but I try not to think about her while I holiday without her.

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh she is such a gorgeous cat, reminds me of our kitty Bella, as they both look as though they wear eye liner to enhance their beautiful eyes. I am sure you could give her the soft stuff as a Friday treat!

Maari said...

If you do feed her wet food, make sure you hide her bowl so flies can#t get to it. so away from open doors etc. Thank you for the birthday wishes!

chillsider said...

I give our feline dried in the morning, and then when the sun goes down, and flies go to bed, he has his wet food.
PS truffles taste of plasticky mushrooms on this one experience. Sound more exotic than they proved to be.

Heide said...

She is such a gorgeous kitty. We let our cats have wet food once a day but their dry food is always available (Iams). Our older kitty tends to get diarrhea easily though so we limit her wet food intake to keep the mess down.

I've never eaten a truffle.