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Friday, 14 August 2009


I never had a bike as a child and so I never learned to ride one. It has been on my list of "things to do before..." for a while now and at last my opportunity came. My sister and her husband and in-laws have a house in Brittany and D and I joined them for a holiday. It was a holiday of FIRSTS.

My first taste of snails.

My first sail in a proper sailing boat.

And my first real bike ride.

It's true I have one foot on the ground in these photos but after three wobbly laps of the quay I worked out the relationship between the handlebars and the wobble. A day later I worked out the gears and then I was off. D and I got up early each morning ( my hair is still wet from the shower) and rode a mile or more to the Boulangerie for the breakfast croissants and baguette and to the Tabac for the daily paper.

We took the back lanes to avoid any traffic and lengthened the route slightly to leave out a steep hill.

The first picture shows me in the Impasse des Fleurs. The house is up this lane and so setting off was always safe.

I had grabbed some balls of wool from my stash which were left over from my time in Oz. They came from the Bendigo Knitting Mill....a bargain hunter's delight. I combined a couple of colours and knitted up a shopping tote

This was handy for hanging over the handlebars with the bread and papers.

There were flowers everywhere. This is a small square across the road from the shops and I was taken by the flowers and by the sign at the disabled parking space.

"Si tu prends ma place, prends aussi mon handicap"

The bike was great, the sailing was wonderful and I shan't bother with snails ever again.

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Gillian I have to say the english country air is making you look so happy and healthy. Your hair has grown quite a bit too, really suits you. I imagine that you will be buying yourself a bike very soon then, how nice and enjoyable for you. I dont think I have ridden my one for about 3 years now as the seat is too hard. Must get a better one I think. I love the bike bag too, very handy!

chillsider said...

Lovely holiday, very envious. I tried snails when i was younger and if flooded with lots of garlic I enjoyed them. I am far more wimpish now and can't do it any more.
You knitters are so prolific, the tote bag is excellent.

Heide said...

Whoo hoo! Look out Lance Armstrong, Gillian will be wearing that yellow jersey before long. The pictures of the bag on the bicycle with the bread look so provencial. What a lovely place to visit.