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Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Tigger has discovered that the best water comes straight out of the tap. She sits and waits for the tap to be turned onto a trickle when she is thirsty. There is a bowl of water in the house and a big bowl of hose/rain water outside, but nothing is as good as the "found" water, wherever it wasn't last time. The kitchen tap is the latest provider. She has attempted to drink water from the toilet but can't reach it but she shows great interest at bath time.

This is a great area for AUCTIONS. It's always a thrill to think you can buy something cheaply and sell it for lots more money. If only you knew what was cheap and where else you could sell it for more.

D has formed an attachment for lamps and the latest purchase is a grand ships's lamp. It should be lit to indicate a "ship at anchor" and therefore not under command. The actual light is not there but the massive metal container is in great condition.

At a previous auction elsewhere, I bought the brass carriage lamp shown blurrily in front of the ship's lamp. It looked like a load of old tin and poorly plated iron, but with a good clean up is shining up to be solid brass.

Great discoveries were made today. I live half an hour away from the biggest retail park in the north-east of England. Stockton Retail Park. It is in four sections and it can be necessary to drive from one to another if it is raining. I was there for four hours. I shall return and spend at least half of that again at the biggest hobbycraft store
I have ever seen.

I did a load of shopping and got some new tops which I badly need.

Cheers Gillian


carol said...

Oh I do love a bit of brass about the place. It's such a warm sort of metal . My mother always polished hers regularly but especially before Christmas so it gleamed in the firelight. I sort of try to keep up the tradition.

Wonderful to have nearbye auctions with such nice pickings.

chillsider said...

I used to go to an auction house when I lived in Durham, furnished our flat from it. The kids were in playschool and I was free for the morning, great.
Once I bought an old railway lamp, not brass, one with huge magnifying glass on each side. I was determined i would have it above the door one day, I have changed homes/husbands but still have the lamp....but it still hasn't been erected.

Heide said...

Lovely lamps! I dream of a house full of antiquities.