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Tuesday, 18 August 2009


The electricity was off for the day (they had sent us a letter) while some major power distribution changes were being made in the local area. I heard my next door neighbour up and about and even hoovering early this morning. You usually can't hear anything but there was no competition at 7.30am.
Then at 8.30am everything went silent. The fridge stopped whirring, and the electric clock stopped ticking but worst of all the gas boiler and cooker work on electronic ignition and so....... I went out.
I found Seaton Carew. It is the nearest seaside to this house and I liked it and will visit again. Then I went to Hartlepool and found the biggest Asda I have ever seen. It didn't have more variety, though, just more of the same stuff. But it did have these pet beds for £5. And guess who likes hers.
I have placed it on the spot she has favoured for the last few weeks. She changes her favoured place now and then and I can easily move it to match. Also it goes in the washing mashine (although, preferably not with clothes....I've done that before and distributed her fur very fairly amongst the rest of the wash ).
While I was at Asda I had some coffee. I was desperate because I had not had one at home. I don't think I will ever be desperate enough to have a coffee at Asda again.
Cheers Gillian

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sue said...

Tigger looks so cute in the new pet bed. It looks very snuggly and warm. It sounds like you are enjoying your new surroundings and doing a bit exploring too.