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Sunday, 16 August 2009


After spending a week in Brittany eating Moules et Frites, sailing on the inlet, drinking copious amounts of wine, riding bikes, walking the coastal path, visiting the villages, towns, shops, megaliths etc. and thoroughly enjoying the company and the weather... we headed home.
This is my sister and her husband in the sailing boat taking us out on the ria. Their house is just to the left behind the fir tree. We motored out for half an hour and then sailed back in with all three red sails up to catch the air. Deft manouevring to avoid the oyster beds is necessary. They are marked by sticks in the water which show the extent but not the depth of the beds. The days were much like this and the holiday was wonderful.

We queued for a space on the ferry from Cherbourg to Portsmouth behind David Cameron, who was also returning from a holiday in France. We have certainly had a much better week since our return than he has, as Tories continue to speak out of turn and whisk him straight back into politics with a small p, let alone the rest of the stuff.

We were in Dorset and the sun shone, the clouds decorated the edges of the sky and we took the chain ferry from Sandbanks to Studland Bay. The worst thing we did was walk to the top of Old Harry Rocks and frighten one another by going not-very-close to the edge of the cliffs.

Buddy the dog scared the living daylights out of his owner the day before by doing this off Old Harry. He perhaps had the worst week!


Heide said...

What a lovely excursion. Back in 1983 my sister and I took part in a student tour of Europe that both began and ended in England. I'll never forget seeing the white cliffs through the fog as we crossed back. Those mussels look exactly like the ones we have here on the Pacific Coast in Washington.

sue said...

What beautiful scenery Gillian. Those cliffs do look very beautiful. It sounds as though your holiday was good for the soul. Your sister looks very happy in the sailboat, she must enjoy it immensely.