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Thursday, 26 November 2009

Historic Buildings

Across the road is one of the last working gasometers in the country. Two days ago only the white bit showed above the base. Now it is fully erect and filled with gas for the winter.
Just in front of it is the coal depot and to the right of the picture is the sand and grit store for gritting the roads so we are well prepared in Bishop Auckland for what may come this winter!
Cheers Gillian


Gillian said...

According to "dave-the-bloke-doing-the-paving" there is another level of gasometer still to rise!!!
Plenty of gas around here then.
Cheers Gillian
p.s. Dave the paver works with Dave the bricklayer and they have a new young bloke helping and learning and he is called........DAVE.
It's really easy calling out to them! and we now have the tea mugs colour classified for sugar levels.

carol said...

I loved this post and the extra comment! Nice to know your gasometer is upstanding! I remember learning about them and the way they work in General Science and wondering why the boys (and some of the more sophisticated girls) were in pleats.

chillsider said...

They are magnificent erections

Anonymous said...

What does it do :/