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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

When It Rains It Pours

The front garden is being transformed from a gravel and grass space into a brick-paved area with pots. The digging machine is sleeping here while the work progresses. A gradual accumulation of soil and stuff over the years had brought the level up too high in the small enclosed space, and vast quantities are being removed. The two manhole covers were found about six inches down and a trench will be dug to one of them for the pipes for the new toilet and bathroom. It was easy to get the digger in and the stuff out once the brick wall at the end had been knocked down. The guys closed the space for the night, with the skip (nearly full to the brim so that the neighbours can't share too much unwanted stuff with us).
Then just after they went home, it rained. It is still raining. It will probably rain all night. The cat has been out for a swim and brought lots of mud back in through the catflap, over the back of the sofa, across the carpet and up onto the table to explore a new cardboard box for size.

It fitted. I had just brought it home from Sainsbury's to pack an ebay item in. I'm still selling things. Lace bobbins will go on for a week or two more at least. This phone came from an auction lot and so did the Davidson glass spill jar which will now wing its way to a new home in Oz. The brass unicorn came from the rubbish skips in Daventry where D's neighbour works. He polished it up and it is now off to Biggleswade.
I have been a bit busy lately and have realised that I can only handle one blog at the moment so RedUmbrella is on hold. It was the last art lesson of the course today but I shall sign up again for next year. I enjoy it so much. This was one of my efforts at painting snow...or not painting it.
Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Naughty tigger putting mud everywhere but he does look so cute hiding in the box. Our Bella was doing the same thing last week hiding in some cardboard boxes. Lucky you having so much rain. We had quite a bit but after the heatwave of last week everything has turned a horrible brown again. I am definately not looking forward to summer! Love your painting too, very pretty. Wish I could paint like that but my artistic talents only allow me to draw things, not paint them unfortunately. Hope to see pics of the next courtyard soon.

trish said...

Yes,get back to that Art Class Gill.
This rain is diabolical and there's more to come.
Can't wait to see the new courtyard.
It's going to be so chic.

carol said...

Wish I could draw like that! Brilliant and it must be so satisfying to be able to hang something of your own on the wall.
Tigger looks v. happy - give a cat box and liten to the purrs!

The back yard looks a bit alarming though - you don't do things by halves do you!!