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Tuesday, 15 December 2009


If you want to embellish your handmade cards with bells, think again.
In the first place they are so "dead tasteful" that I should have thought better of it. But I had already started with stick-on rhinestones (actually, I like them and may use them again) which lift the paintings from poor attempts at art to true seasonal crafts.
But then, when you get to the post office, they try to slip them through the "letter gauge". Oops, they don't fit and you have to pay small packet rate for your shoddy homemade cards.
I'll be surprised if the bells stay on all the way to their destinations.
The very first christmas cake ever cooked by me, is in the oven. According to Delia, the Goddess of Cooking, I'm not allowed to open the oven door until 5pm....even for a teeny peep. It's like cooking a yorkshire but costs more.
The washing up was horrendous....three large bowls, two small ones, electric beaters, whisks, measuring spoons and more. All for a 6inch square cake.

A buzzer has it early? shall I peep?

Cheers Gillian


sue said...

Oh no I wouldnt have thought of that either Gillian but you will know for next year. I am sure your Christmas cake will turn out beautifully. Paul's mum makes about 4 each year and gives them as gifts and then we have one after lunch too. Apparently they are delicious but I dont eat Christmas cake, lol!

Amongst The Oaks said...

I've been dealing with holiday baking too - and the huge mess it makes.
I like your Christmas cards. I still haven't sent mine out, but maybe tomorrow is the day.
We have a door-curtain on the front door too because it has a large gap beneath it that lets in the cold air. Our curtain isn't nearly as pretty as yours, but it works.
xo Laura