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Monday, 27 December 2010

Seaton Carew Boxing Day Dip

HUNDREDS of people in fancy dress and not, raced from the Seaton Carew Club, down to the beach front and then.......another quarter of a mile to low tide level......into the sea for a well sponsored dip. There was snow on the high sands and dunes but the sea cannot be below freezing point and still splash you, so hundreds of us stood in the ankle deep water which was sloshing around at low tide, in order to cheer on the wave after wave of hardy partcipants. Amazing fancy dress ( pyjamas, kilts, 118 wigs and moustaches, army gear, sports teams, leopard print and bikinis of all shapes and forms and in pink) was worn by youths, men and women.
It's a hard trudge back up the beach. Some just drag themselves all the way in their freezing gear.

Others went in with less and came out the same way
They still shivered and so did we.

Cheers Gillian and DJ


Heide said...

Oh dear! That is quite the festive outfit donned by the fellow in the bottom picture. I'd need a hot buttered rum or other warm spirits before braving the cold ocean. And I'd need a lot more than one before gathering enough courage to sport some of the outfits people were wearing. What a great time!

carol said...

Nice butt-cheeks!

This crazy tradition happens here too - further north - colder.. deeper madness..