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Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Once again I admit to using "ready prepared" icing. It has to be kneaded into a pliable mass. Then you roll it out to fit your cake. My cake is quite small so there was a lot of icing left over. And so I made it into sweeties, dipped in chocolate and studded with cake decorations in the shape of penguins. There were a few short of a penguin so I iced them with a tasty morsel of red icing from the tube.
Fortunately, by the time I had finished these processes the cold water in the kitchen was back on tap.
It had frozen in the night... -12 dgrees Celsius last night and the kitchen water pipes are not lagged.
The rest of the shopping is done. Hoping about 20 will come on xmas eve from up and down the street.
Happy Christmas to you all out there.
Cheers Gillian
ps Heide the roast potatoes need white fat like dripping or lard to be really good.


Sue said...

What a gorgeous xmas cake Gillian. The penguins look great too.

Heide said...

Thank you Gillian! I'm exhausted after a marathon Krumkake making marathon, so the roasted potatoes will have to wait until tomorrow night.

Your cake is brilliant and amazing! Is there anything you can't do to perfection?

chillsider said...

No I beg to differ, olive oil will do it too, oil cooks hotter than fat............I think it's that way round. Him indoors does the roasties and insists on Goose fat, but so far he hasn't reached perfection, so sulks every time.