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Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I managed to finish enough squares to complete the throw at last. The yellow and green ones and some of the brown ones were hand spun and then dyed with plants from the Raby House garden. The rest are left over wools from the stash. There is a wide variety of fibres so washing will have to be done by hand in the bath. Then I crocheted a picot edging around the outside and finished it off with a press.
Tigger loves it too! I was keen to get it finished because I had spun some tops on the new wheel and had identified a "felted" bag, on the net, to knit and full. I challenged myself to get one project finished before I started the next. I'm now halfway through knitting the bag so I shall blog it next.
The weather continued to be fine. Very cold, but fine and the workers were able to keep going on the building. Here's another view of builder's cleavage. Totally accidental on his part and mine. At least I photographed it from a distance. I'm not sure if it is the same builder or whether they are taking it in turns and NO I haven't studied it in close-up. The concrete is poured, the insulation laid and the top layer of concrete is drying off now.
There was only a slight hiccup when they found an old lead gas pipe with a distinct smell of gas coming from it. The first plumber came round but was too busy to take up all the floorboards because he had a boiler in pieces on someone else's floor, so his mate came round and fixed it later. Fortunately only one floorboard needed to be lifted and none of our appliances were attached to the old pipe so it could safely and easily be cut and capped.

The whole space is still looking smaller than I expected and the walls won't help. Still it always was called the SNUG.
Cheers Gillian

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