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Thursday, 17 March 2011


Well not for a while anyway. I went to the AGM of my W.I. group last night. There is always a small competition and last night it was "a limerick using a local place name". I picked on Brough, because even though it's not very close, it is considered by those who live up in Teesdale as being just over the top of the next hill. I chose it because it is pronounced Bruff and is easy to rhyme. I got started well but stalled at the last line, then DJ came up with the winner. So off I trotted with my plate of supper ( bag of Cadbury's chocolate drops), my donated prize for the raffle (left over box of Thornton's chocs from xmas), "my" limerick and my calendar of events for next year all neatly typed up...AND...came home with a bunch of tulips for the limerick and nothing else. A successful night.
So here is the limerick.
There was a fine lady from Brough
Who motored round town in the buff
They said it was rude
To drive in the nude
Removing one's hat is enough!
And here are the winning tulips. And some knitting. This is for the felted/fulled bag and is well under way. I haven't done anything like it before so it is proceeding swiftly while my enthusiasm lasts.
Tigger loves it too and has just chased the needles around the room. You may have noticed that there has not been much mention of the photography lessons of late. My enthusiasm for that has waned. I find the teacher a bit tedious and we seem to have done all the topics I like and are now working through topics he likes. His examples are black and white classics from the sixties and seventies when he was at the height of his career, and stunning though they are I'm learning little from them. The other students are helpful and good company and we get a great deal out of looking at all of one another's work.
This afternoon is "Tradesmen", even though it includes tradeswomen and should really have been called "Tradespersons" or simply just "Trades". I am still irked by a general lack of caring about this sort of reference to male/female terms since I came home from Oz. Before that it was "Portraits" and although I have some good ones of both, I shan't post them because I haven't permission.
I realise that I don't want to be a photographer, I don't want to walk around with a large camera hanging round my neck and I'm annoyed by teachers who are badly organised and bumbling.
Off to photography for the penultimate class this afternoon. Back to watercolour painting next term.
Cheers Gillian


Heide said...

Fabulous limerick and gorgeous tulips. Teachers shouldn't use their students as a captive audience for their own endeavors, be that old or new (endeavors that is, not the teachers).

carol said...

People hide behind cameras to avoid actual interaction with life - that's what I used to tell my ex when he was annoying me by taking yet another shot of a ruin or pretty peep. However I did enjoy your early works when the teach wasn't being a pr@ and I rather enjoyed the overview of the roofer's behind!

There is a WI here. I haven't managed to find out if they sing "Jerusalem ... In England's green and pleasant land". it seems unlikely!

trish said...

I liked that limerick.
You could publish a calender for the W.I with limericks written by the ladies and illustated with photographs of the same ladies.