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Friday, 15 July 2011

Florida Fell Off

The pebble resembling North America also had a small piece, shaped like Florida, but it fell off. I then looked for the other continents but only the South American pebble came close. I shall continue the search next time we visit the same beach. The lovely limestone and marine fossil pebble was washed up in the same area. These pebbles are really dark grey, not blue like in the picture. The area is the delightful Sandsend village and beach just north west of Whitby. We took the camper and parked on the coast road overlooking the lovely beach. We walked around the village and then went back to the beach and walked along it to Whitby for a fish and chip lunch at the "Quayside". It was a really lovely day.

A lot of the village of Sandsend seems to belong to the Mulgrave Estate which has a large logging plantation behind the pretty cottages.

It was all a very idyllic spot and we plan to return again....and again. It is less than an hour and a half from home and an early start will ensure a pretty parking spot. Next time I hope to catch a really low tide so that can explore the cliff to the north which is famous for fossils and I also need to find out how to identify jet as opposed to other small bits of black rock which litter the beach.

A walk along the footpath at the base of Brussleton Hill provided us with a feast of raspberries and a visit to the farm shop on the way home for some eggs gave us these enormous double yolkers which we had for tea last night.

The one at the bottom is a normal extra large egg!!!

Cheers Gillian

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carol said...

Those eggs are staggering. Large hens - or straining hens??

The pebbles are so smooth they look like Fimo. Shame they aren't that blue.

What lovely trips you are having.